Grandiose and vulnerable narcissism differentially predicted all five of the outcomes. Grandiose narcissism was a significant predictor of alcohol use and a positive problem evaluation while vulnerable narcissism was a significant predictor of alcohol-related problems, problem recognition, and problem expectancy. People who think that they may have an addiction or a personality disorder should consult a doctor or mental health professional for advice and treatment. This study concluded that people with grandiose narcissism are more able to evaluate and recognize their problems with alcohol than people with vulnerable narcissism. People in the latter group are less able to recognize that they have a problem and are, therefore, less likely to be ready to change their behaviors. A 2019 study involving young adults with vulnerable narcissism found that the disorder can cause overwhelming feelings of shame in the individual.

So if you find yourself apologizing anytime you feel hurt or misunderstood — that’s a sign you could be living with a covert narcissist, Malkin said. People with covert narcissism may lack interest in socializing or avoid it due to social anxiety, fear of comparing themselves with others, or envy. A 2015 study found that adults with narcissistic personality traits frequently had parents who overvalued their achievements, emphasizing status and praise.

Dual Diagnosis: Alcoholism And NPD

Alcohol can influence narcissistic behaviors, such as arrogance, self-importance, and feelings of superiority that aren’t otherwise present when sober. If someone has AUD as well as a personality disorder, it’s recommended that both are covert narcissism and alcoholism treated at the same time to improve their chances of recovery. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 22.6% of people with a personality disorder also have a substance use disorder (SUD), which can include alcohol use.

The Best Books to Read If You Have a Narcissist in Your Life – Oprah Mag

The Best Books to Read If You Have a Narcissist in Your Life.

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A 2018 study found that people with personality disorders were more likely to have AUD at some point in their lives. Traits like narcissism and personality disorders like NPD are long-standing. In order to have a diagnosis of NPD, they’ll have to consistently show the relevant symptoms over a period of many years.

Where to find support if you’re experiencing NPD or AUD

The number of criteria a person meets determines whether they have AUD, and if so, the severity of the condition. It can be a part of celebratory occasions and fun, or an occasional way to unwind after a long day. For some people, alcohol use becomes regular and problematic and may lead to dependence.

covert narcissism and alcoholism

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