Slum Classes (Free education for needy people)

Cultural Programme at the Birth Place of Chandra Shekhar Azad

Cultural programme organised at the birth place (Badarka, Unnao) of chandra shekhar azad on 06th Jan 2021. At the birth place of chandra shekhar azad, Children of primary school (Katri piperkheda, Unnao) presented a splendid performance on the patriotic theme prepared by Hunardaan Sansthan. Children were well trained by Sarita Soni, Director of Hunardan sansthan. District Magistrate, Unnao was present as the chief guest. He invited children of primary school to give performance on republic day at police line, Unnao. It was a big oppounity for children, principal of school as well as for Sansthan also.

Missoin Shakti Programme at Primary School, Katri piparkheda, Unnao

Campaign launched by the Honorable Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Shree Yogi Aditynath under Nari Mission Shakti programme organised at primary school, katri piperkheda, Unnao on 16 Jan 2021. School girls prepared under supervision of Hunardaan Sansthan and presented a spectacular dance act making aware of issues like beti bacho beti padhao, Self-reliant women, Dowry Harrassment.
Along with this, an exhibition, in which samples of Radha Krishna dresses, Hand made jewellery and Craft items by Hunardaan Sansthan, Pickles, , Frocks & Kurti by school girls were put up, which were also bought by the people present there.

Unnao’ CDO sir and BEO mam were present as the chief guest. He felicitated Sarita Soni, Director of Hunardaan Sansthan while presenting momento and certificate for the training given by her to the children and thanked for outstanding contribution in social service.

Programme on Independence Day at Police Line, Unnao

The children of primary school (Katri piperkheda, Unnao) trained by Sarita Soni, Director of Hunardaan sansthan, presented a spendid performance on the mash up of patriotic songs on the occasion of Republic Day at police line, Unnao. Children of private schools presented a great performance on this occasion. The children trained by Hunardaan Sansthan got the first position leaving behind the private school children which was no less than a surprise too all seniors present and it was a proud day for our Sansthan.
Vidhan Sabha Adhyaksh “Shree Hriday Narayan Dixit” was present as the chief guest. He felicitated the winning children of primary school as well as thanked Sarita Soni, Director of Hunardaan Sansthan for the training given by her to the children.

Visit to government school, Fatehpur

Vimal Kumar Soni & Sarita Soni, Director of Hunadaan Sansthan and staff visited primary school and upper primary school and Adarsh Janta Inter College of Aung, Fatehpur on 18 March 2021. Objective of the visit was to make aware of children as well as school staff. Our team collected the children of every class at one place and created a source of internal energy in them. A Training centre was started there by our organization in which today by giving classes like makeup art, Sewing, Computer, Indian classical dance Kathak, Mehndi, Personality development etc to make people self-dependent as well as employment avenues. A great way has been made for the women and daughters of the village, so that sitting at home, they are able to earn sitting at home by learning their skills through our organization.

Visit to government school, Sazari, Kanpur

Hunadaan Sansthan team visited Ucch Prathmik Vidyalay (Multi Story) of Sazari, Kanpur on 07 Apr 2021. Sazari Ucch Prathmik Vidyalay is the school with largest number of enrolled in the etire kanpur metropolis, Whose headmistress is SMT Nihariks Singh ji. It is considered as the most important part of our sansthan so far.
Our team was so impressed with school that we adopted this school. Our organization gave assurance not only the children of this school, but to educate the parents of those children and to solve their problems.
Sri Vimal kumar Soni, Director of Hunardaan Santhan who is retired from Indian Navy. Along with the service of nation he decided that now he has retired, he will share his experience with needy, will teach computer, how to prepare education for defence recruitment. He assured their parents at his first visit to school who’s children have lost their courage due to financial condition. He will gave them such a position they are in today, will get them prepare for the defence job, give training the use of fire extingushers incase of any emergency.
Sarita Soni, Director of Hunardaan Santhan also assured to give training like sewing, makeup art to the mothers of children coming from kashiram colony, located near the school, some of whom were women with disabilities. 152 registration form have been filled from sazari till now and training has also been issed by Hunardaan Sansthan.
In training daughters of the school, who have to make a strong futue of the country, sewing, embroidery, makeup art, Mehndi, Radhakrishna costumes, the degree of masters from the extict Indian dance style (Kathak), Classical singing, dholak, tabla, casio, motovational classes. Making pickles,incense sticks, candles etc will also be given employment opportunities.
Hope that the future of sazari will be bright by Hunardaan Sansthan, employment to the unemployed, education to the uneducated, empower and opportunities to underpriveleged.

Ration Supply/Assist to Needy People During Covid Pandamic

The global pandemic, Covid 19 has caused a lots of damage in India. This epidemic has ruined the lives of so many people. Not knowing how many people have lost their lives. Some of them have lost their mother, father, daugher, son and even covid has ruined whole family somewhere. Many people have lost their jobs and Some of them even longing for two times bread. During this pandemic social service organizations came forward and help the people as much as they could.

Hunardaan sansthan also came forward during this pandemic to do all possible help to the needy people. A soon as someone’s call came, Hunardaan Sansthan immediately came forward in every way to help those needy. Along with this, people were helped by our organization day and night for the availability of oxygen, medicines and beds. Even the help which was outside the purview of our organization, we contacted other organization and provided help to the people.

Online Drawing Competition for Children/Kids During Pandemic

Art is a great way to allow kids to explore themselves and let them push the boundaries of their imaginations. It might ignite something in kids that stick with them for the rest of the lives and they are able to become successful in whatever they do. On the many occasions Hunardaan Sansthan have organised online educational and moral based drawing competions. Some of them are listed below:-

⦁ Environment day Drawing Competition

“A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifing the air and giving fresh strength to our people”. Drawing competition organised by Hunardaan Sansthan on the occasion of “World Environment Day” on 05th June 2021. In this Competition Students were divided in three groups, They had to make a drawing based on the environment day and send their drawing & share a picture while planting a plant around them. We had given certificate of winning students of each groups and consolation also to all participants. Objective of the competition was to make them understand the value of nature and its protection. Students had taken a pledge to save nature and aware to others about value of nature.

⦁ International Yoga Day Drawing Competition

“Yoga is the most powerful medium to stay physically and mentally healthy”. Drawing competition organised by Hunardaan Sansthan on the occasion of “International Yoga Day” on 21th June 2021. In this Competition Students were divided in three groups, They had to make a drawing based on the yoga and send their drawing & share a picture while doing yoga. We had given certificate of winning students of each groups and consolation also to all participants. Objective of the competition was to create interest in children towards yoga and to understand its importance. Students had taken a pledge to stay physically and mentally healthy and aware to others about importance of yoga.

Covid 19 Awareness, Mask Distribution and Sanatization Camp

Covid 19 Awareness, mask distribution & sanatization camp was organised by Hunardaan Sansthan On 10th Apr 2021 at Sazari near Uchh Prathmik Vidhyalay (multi story) with School staff. All the volunteers, members of Hunardaan sansthan and school staff had put a great effort with keen interest and full josh to aware about covid 19 the people around the locality and all the people passing there.
The team explained the importance of social distancing, proper wearing of masks and routine hand washing to the people.
Masks were distributed, sanatized to the people by our team and people were told about their safety as well as the safety of their family and people around.

Sarita Soni & Vimal Soni (Directors of Hunardaan Sansthan), SMT Niharika singh (Principle of Hunardaan Sansthan), Members were present during the Camp.

Plantation by Hunardaan Team at Unnao

Trees and plants help in improving the environment. Trees purify the air, conserve the water, help with climate control, retain soil, strength and benefit the overall environment in many other ways. As we all have seen how in this covid pandemic people faced shortage of oxygen for living person and wood for cremation for dead person. In this way people have understood the importance of plantation.

Hunardaan Sansthan team organized a massive tree plantation programme on 5th Jun 2021 at Maurawa, Unnao under the tree plantation campaign being run by the Uttar Pradesh government. The objective of the sansthan is to save and preserve nature by planting more and more trees. Sansthan team has not only planted the trees but explained the importance of tree plantation also. Officers of the police department and administrative officers of the district were present as the chief guest.

Plantation by Hunardaan Team at Sazari

“Tree Plantation is significant in the current age of climate and global warming. Trees take in the carbon dioxide as well as many toxics and gave out clean oxygen for all living things to breathe. Trees prevent the soil from getting eroded and danged during rains. They hold the soil together with its roots”.

Hunardaan Sansthan team with the help of Sazari School staff organized a tree plantation programme on 5th Jul 2021 at Upper Primary School (multi Story) sazari, Kanpur under the tree plantation campaign being run by the Uttar Pradesh government. The objective of the sansthan is to save and preserve nature by planting more and more trees. Block Education Officer (BEO) Shree Saurabh Anand ji Sadar & Fazil Ahmad, Head Clerk were present as the chief guest. People were made aware by planting fruitfull guava tree with their hands.
Vimal Kumar Soni & Sarita Soni (Director of Hunardaan Sansthan), SMT Niharika Singh (Principal Sazari) and school staff were present

Skilled training at Hunardaan Sansthan for making women self-reliant

2021 where millions of homes were ruined by Corona. When unemployment spread from house to house,
Hunardaan Sansthan decided, and find option to make women self-reliant by giving employment to women while sitting at home.
We went from house to house and gave assurance to women and daughters by giving positive thoughts.
A campaign was launched in the organization which was also called the campaign run by our Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Honorable Shri Yogi Adityanath ji, like Mission shakti, Women Empowerment, Self-reliant India.
That is to say, employment should be available to people sitting at home with zero investment for them. The work of making them skillful by teaching sewing, training make-up art, mehndi embroidery etc. and giving positive thoughts along with it was started.
Due to financial constraints, women were living a pessimistic life in their homes. Our organization has found an alternative to all this.
Motivated those women by making them skilled and also provided positive energy,
Whom they did not lose courage and could face the coming situations firmly

Today from Hunardaan Sansthan through skill donation, women and daughters are making ways to earn money sitting at home by becoming skilled which is a matter of great pride for our organization.

Dandiya programme for economically weeker girls and daughters of slum area

On the auspicious occasion of Navratri, a Dandiya ceremony was organised by Hunardaan Sansthan for the economically weaker girls and daughters of slum area. The programme started with the lighting of the lamp by the chief guest. In the programme organised by Hunardaan Sansthan, while promoting the Indian dance style, the daughters gave a spectacular presentation of Durga Stuti, Ganesh Stuti, Radha Krishna Stuti, a cultural programme based on nine forms of goddess. Along with this talented daughters of Institution those who are proficient in the field of weaving, sew, embroidery, make up art, computer and education were rewarded.
Hunardaan Sansthan is running a campaign for women and daughters, under this campaign, by giving free skills to the economically week and destitute women, making them self-reliant, as well as providing them financial support for their employment. The organization is also doing the work of educating the children of the slum area, who do not go to school due to their economic condition, as well as distribute their education related materials and clothes time to time, so that there should not be any kind of interruption in education.
In this Dandiya ceremony Shri Pramod Kumar Gupta Ji (Honoured by the president in the field of social service and President of Rotary Club) former parshad (Krishnanagar) Shri Madan Lal Batiya Ji, Bhartiya Janta Party NGO prakoshth ashru Pranveer ji (Mission NGO), Social worker Shri Vaibhav Singh Chandel ji, Principal Shrimati Neeru Bhatiya ji etc. were present.

Diwali celebration with economically weeker familes of slum area to make their faces smile & share happiness

Hunardaan Sansthan organized a Dipawali programme with economically weaker families and children in the slum area of Sanjeev Nagar, Ahirwan, Kanpur on the day of Diwali. In this program earthen lamps, sweets and festival materials were distributed to the people of slum area. Children were very happy to receive Diwali gifts on this occasion. Parents also witnessed their happiness and the smiles of their faces. On the occasion of Diwali, the faces of all families blossomed with happiness after receiving the festival materials.
Such financially week families were being identified by the team of Hunardaan Sansthan from 15 days before of this festival. The purpose of this Deepotsav programme was that no family or home should be deprived of the festival, keeping in mind the sadness of a festival full of sweetness and happinesses, little effort was made by Hunardaan Sansthan keeping these things in mind. Got the information and celebrated the festival of Diwali by distributing the festival material to all such hands.
Vimal soni & Sarita soni, Director of Hunardaan Sansthan gave a message to the people through this initiative, if there are such needy families around you please give festival materials to such people, make their faces smile, share happiness with them, include them in your happiness too.
On this occasion Vimal Soni & Sarita Soni, director of Hunardaan Sansthan social workers Punit and Barkha Kumari were present.

Celebration of Tulsi diwas on the occasion of Christmas

Tulsi diwas celebrated with children of Hunardaan Sansthan along with lighting the lamp. Children were told the importance of tree and tulsi plant by offering Roli Sandalwood flowers in Tulsi Puja. Children created atmosphere of positive energy by performing cultural program Saraswati Vandana Radha Krishna dance.
Vimal soni & Sarita soni, Director of Hunar daan Sansthan were present on this occasion.

Hunardaan Sansthan organized Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta distribution and banquet ceremony

Geeta distribution and banquet ceremony was organised by Hunardaan Sansthan at Prabhu Dham Temple located at Om Purwa Kanpur. Director of Hunardaan Sansthan told that at present organisation has done the work of distributing Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta to every person through its organisation to give “Sanatan Sandesh” message to every person. The objective of the program was to get the blessing of the Sant Samaj of the city and to inform about the work of the Sansthan by inviting some eminent personalities who are leading the Welfare of Hindu society and peace, unity among them in the social & political field.
Vimal soni & Sarita soni (Director of Hunardaan) Sansthan, Balyogi Chaitanya Arunpuri ji Maharaj (Mathadheesh of siddhnath dham), Mahant of Anandeshwar dham, Former Bhartiya Janta Party MLA Shree Raghunandan Singh Bhadauriya, Shailendra Dixit former senior Congressman (currently in BJP), Shrimati Pramila Pandey ji (Mayor kanpur), Shailendra Pande ji (Pradesh Adhyaksh Vishva Hindu Seva Sangh), K K gupta ji (Varishth upadhyaksh Vishwa Hindu Sewa Sangh), Pramod Kumar Gupta Ji (president of Rotary Club green), great social worker Taranjeet Singh Ji, Shivakant Dikshit ji (Adhyaksh of Vaidik Sanatan Dharm utthan Seva Samiti) were present. Programme started with lighting lamp. After honouring the senior people who had come, some prominent officials assosiated with the institute were honoured with Geeta distribution, cultural programme and the programme ended with a banquet.

Newspaper Cuttings

Highlights of the year 2021-22

⦁ Reached 976 young lives and motivate them through contact-based alternative education.

⦁ 532 children benefited from the life-skill workshops for making them self-reliant.

⦁ 376 Children performed at big administrative plateforms and got appriciation.

⦁ Reached more than 135 familes, guide and assist them for better future of their children.

⦁ Reached 12 government school to facilitate in educational as well as made available resources.

⦁ Reached 696 children and motivate them for their better future.

⦁ Organization honoured by the mayor of kanpur city on international womens day.